Versions and Pricing

All versions are delivered as a subscription, which includes support and upgrades.

Standard Features

  • Campaign Builder
    • Target list destination can be either Lists or Sendable Data Extensions
    • Specify one or more Groups to use to build the target list
      • Groups can be used to include or exclude potential targets
    • Has configurable rules for automatically removing targets from all lists
    • Automatically removes trailing spaces and/or control characters from email addresses and updates your database
    • Builds your list without tying up your workstation, transfers it to Marketing Cloud and notifies you when complete via Marketing Cloud e-mail.
  • Results Downloader
    • Replicates marketing results back into your CRM database.
    • Has configurable rules that can update your CRM data based on marketing events like hard bounces and unsubscribes.
    • Automatically tracks the last send, open and click information for each of your contacts that you are marketing to in an easily searchable field.
  • Send directly from your CRM application
    • Replicates email information to your CRM database
    • Enables users to initiate email sends directly from your CRM application.
    • Does NOT require additional Marketing Cloud login credentials.
    • Feature can be turned off if not desired

Base Version – $4,000/year

  • Supports one CRM database and one Marketing Account / Business Unit. (MID)

Advanced Edition – $6,000/year

  • Supports multiple marketing business units integrated into a single CRM database.
  • Creates business unit specific lists/Campaigns in CRM
  • Track unsubscribes/Opt outs at a business unit level
    • Rules for updating your CRM database can be business unit specific, or global
    • Understands account hierarchies and can apply rules within a branch of business units in a tiered configuration